Women are wonderful, each one beautifully designed in its own way. Their individuality defines and narrates who they are, their behavioral attitude, and what they truly enjoy. Hard work is rewarded and appreciated. Men should strive to live up to their better half’s expectations, and she will shower you with joy and happiness that will turn out magnanimously for your prosperity.



  1. All-round attraction:

Women want their men to be very attractive all around (not just physically), and the perfect sense of humor is a turn-on to most ladies.

Their fashion sense speaks a lot too, though it isn’t the major aim of a relationship. But some people will say it’s 70% looks and 30% personality, some might even give looks a higher percentage and I don’t them at all.90% of women are really moved by what they see mostly and that’s why they crush on good-looking celebrities like Chris Brown, Neymar, Drake, Justin Bieber, etc. Women love good-looking men, not necessarily rich and expensive, just simple and unique.

Women love intelligent men, not just academically but all around. No woman loves a man who can’t reason well and maturely gets out of messy situations.

Some women are carried away by a man with a deep seductive voice, while some are moved by big forearms and a six-pack. Some are attracted to a beautiful smile and pretty eyes, some find it super-charming. Women are attracted to different qualities differently.

  1. Full respect:

You undoubtedly anticipate her attention. Consider her and show her the way. Respect is the foundation of your relationship. You should never undervalue your better half. She could be having a difficult time at home as well as at work. Rather than condemning her, try to see the value in her efforts and respect her role as a mother, wife, and lover. Tell her how much you appreciate what she has done.

When women communicate, they want to be acknowledged and respected. They want to be able to say “no” without fear of being attacked or ridiculed.

Women want a partner who will cherish them in all situations, such as when they are sad, happy, frustrated, angry, or funny.                                                                                                              

  1. Enough attention:

Humans in general love seeking attention and so do animals by the way. But women require it more naturally.

Women require attention to get by. A few ladies are all-out drama queens, looking for however much they can from everybody. Others require less, however, will go crazy assuming they get consideration from their husband or boyfriend.

Some women need attention in the aspect of protection, to avoid rape, kidnapping, and other negative endeavors from happening. Besides the endurance senses that drive ladies to look for male consideration, there are a few social reasons too.

These days, ladies continually contending in the female order on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. They feel they need to have the best pictures to draw the attention of men. Pictures that promote nudity, without respect for whether it implies flaunting their tits and ass while spending time with their children.

It’s their qualities to capture the desire and taste of men. On the off chance that a lady doesn’t get attention from her man, she is bound to cheat (in some cases) to demonstrate to herself that she is visually captivating.

  1. Privacy:

In a relationship, no matter what the concept of the relationship is, you reserve the privilege of protection. You reserve the privilege to keep your considerations, sentiments and encounters private, whether you are hitched, dating, or just companions. You are under no commitment to impart anything to your partner that you don’t wish to share.

Hiding information/news directly affecting your partner in a relationship is secrecy, which is not okay in a genuine relationship.

Snooping through a woman’s phone is a violation of her privacy and it is not advisable. Unless she gives you full access to her phone, do not eavesdrop on her private life.

No doubt privacy encourages and enhances cheating in so many ways

  1. Honesty and Loyalty:

When a husband/boyfriend is sincerely honest and loyal, he turns out to be immediately really engaging and attractive to a lady. On the off chance that he’s reliable, honest, veritable, and talks from the heart, he’s a person worth seeking after because individuals can trust him.

     Ways to prove your loyalty to a woman, but here are a few:


  • Keeping with your promises (not just financially):  Women love it when you’re a man of your words, don’t make promises you can’t keep, and always be straightforward with your woman. And keeping to your promises also gives you respect as a man.
  • Telling the truth even when the lie might save you. Women respect men who speak the truth always, and let them know “what it is and what it isn’t”, most men find it hard, to tell the truth, because they fear the outcome of the truth. But a good woman will always expect and respect the opinion of the truth.
  • Tell her how you feel about her decision. Don’t sugar-coat things to make her feel good.

     There are a few advantages of being honest with a woman such as:


  • It reduces stress in a relationship
  • It enhances communication
  • It attracts respect
  • Being truthful help reduces the unnecessary burden
  • It serves as a teaching tool.
  • It builds a strong bedrock for true love.
  1. Fights (in a positive way):

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect relationship’, every relationship will have its share of obstacles. But use these as opportunities for inner talks with all levels of sincerity., and listen to your partner’s opinions too.

Women don’t need men who blindly accept everything she says to avoid fights, but let her express her thoughts freely without you feeling reluctant to listen.

Learning not to run from relationship fights is one of the secret traits a woman loves, but most won’t ever admit it. Below are a few advantages of fighting with your partner:


  • Fighting creates trust
  • It attracts a period of relief
  • It increases love
  • It helps to know your partner’s true intentions.
  • It shows you’re both attentive to each other.
  • Fighting creates unforgettable memories (positively).

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