Based on a true-life story: It was love and a very special and wonderful moment in Emmy’s life when he came in contact with a  huge tall beautiful lady online during coronavirus in August  2020. Emmy was very happy to see his request being acknowledged and accepted with a reply altogether.
loveHer name was Lavi in short form hailed from a small city called Campeni in Alba county. She was sent from another planet with a rear incredible character which can’t be explained nor Phantom by anyone. She drives a manual car and this will tell you how tough and resilient she is. This drove the young man crazy that made him fall in love with her hopelessly. Emmy was hailed from Africa but very jovial, humble, intelligent, smart, and loving. He adores and upholds integrity to the highest esteem. This was part of what Lavi saw in him that she fell in love with him too.
This period of their meeting was a very difficult moment for Lavi because she just left a relationship of 11 years and was preparing for divorce with a young daughter of her he fondly called princess Maria.
She was also preparing to write entrance exams which will enable her to gain admission to study general medicine which made her third or second degree. She was so intelligent with a beautiful multilingual skill touch which enables her to speak English, Romania, French and Spanish fluently. It was because of this quality of hers that Emmy encouraged her so much during her entrance exams which she almost had given up at a certain period because she did not meet the cut of points required to be admitted to study general medicine. However, the encouragement yielded a positive result in which she was finally admitted into the University of Oradea to study dentistry.
It was after this she fell in love with Emmy with her total self. The love bird story then began. Every morning by 7 am video call will be initiated while she will be at work. The evening was the same routine call. It was so lovely and interesting as they share things each has never seen via video calls most times.

If Emmy wants to cook any African food, he shares it online and also teaches her how to prepare it. Lavi does the same to him. Most times she brings her school English assignment for both of them to solve and this made their love keep growing and bonding until Lavi said she will visit Africa.

She became very supportive in all ramifications. There was this funny 😄 period Emmy needed to fix his car for bolt or Uber business because his job was no more and she offered to give monetary assistance but Emmy declined this part of the world, he came from, people see them as being dubious and fraudulent. Maintaining this clean sheet or record was very key to EMMY and this brought serious friction that in days Lavi refused to talk to him, was finally resolved.


As the love grew it became imperative to meet as wedding plans were ongoing, and she had bought a wedding gown for this purpose. The wedding was finally accepted to take place in Nigeria after all due consultation had been done by Emmy. Abuja city finally became the agreed venue.

Unfortunately, the insecurity situation in Nigeria became prevalent, rose above the acceptable limits then resulted in to change of plans as she became scared of her life which Emmy supported because he couldn’t guarantee her safety.
Plans of meeting each other continued as a new plan was unveiled. She advised Emmy to use a student Visa and that the funding will be on her that He should just look for money for his fair ticket which was not a problem for him. Visited the school he graduated from to process transcripts. Another stumbling block was met which caused a lot of delays and eventually resorted to using high school results for the application.
They both waited for months for good results but it turns out to be a devastating outcome. He was not offered admission. The outcome broke her into a slivers couple with a divorce she was going through and a relocation plan to Oradea.
Both became tired and she could no longer continue to wait as getting him over became elusive. She started avoiding him until the relationship dwindled like a lantern lacking its source. It then became a reality that both can’t make it work and Emmy had to let go of her. Most times she chats and blocks him, but unblocks him after a few weeks and it kept going like that until she finally found a handsome tall Ukrainian dude who resides in her city, both are happily married and Emmy remains single until now.
This is a true-life story. I will like to know what your thoughts are and what you have learned from this story, please endeavor to drop a comment.

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  1. Ubong Benson

    Well I have always believed what will be will be. They weren’t just meant for each other and their fate made sure it happened that way. Emma should keep living his life and am glad he didn’t go over because you never know what might happen along the line. It would have been different if he was comfortable before visiting instead of depending on her.

  2. What I’ve learnt is that distance / online relationship can truly work only if both parties are committed, but when it is onesided, you find out that while one person is working hard to make it work, the other person will be looking for ways to loot d other. From what I’ve read, I think d both of them loved each other and really want it to work out, but money was the problem. If there was money, by now we would have been talking about naming ceremony for their baby😁

  3. Dora's dairy

    Nice story, it’s just unfortunate it didn’t work out as they planned.

    Emmy will still find another lady, this time an African woman, then distance won’t be a problem.

    1. Twitablogger

      Distance or no distance what is not destined to be will always find its way not to happen because someone else would loose if it had happened, beside Emmy won’t be telling this story if they had ended up together.

  4. They loved each other yes, but Emmy loved her more. Where there is true Love on both sides, persistence of purposes would have been the watch word. Time, distance, perceived insecurity or money hardly hinders or kill true love. I think Emmy came into Lavis life when she needed a shoulder to lean on during the pain of the divorce. Immediately she recovered she found a more convenient partner & moved forward using the above vices as her excuse. That to me, is not true love. I advise Emmy to be prayerful, listen more to his instincts he will find his missing rip not too far away. Note; they is no perfect woman out there, if you get 60 to 80 percent of what you are looking for. God will do the rest. I wish you luck.

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