As they say, life can be unfair at times. No matter how hard you try to keep your LOVE afloat head above water, if it is not meant to be, it will sink and still get broken. it won’t work because the target journey is to sweep off your feet. It brings me to this story:

Two people found love in 2018 after meeting online in a meta world. Up until the exchange of phone numbers, they both kept in contact. The man, Jack, was employed by an oil and gas company. He is incredibly devoted, down-to-earth, and humble. The woman’s name was Rose, and he is every woman’s ideal partner.

After completing her program, she returned home to her parents where she had studied nursing science. They developed a close friendship over time, which is something they thrilled about, and they frequently discussed how to keep a relationship going, especially when it involves distance.

Do you want to come visit me someday, Jack enquired of her. When my internship program is ready, “yes, I will,” allowing me to kill two birds with a stone.

That beautiful day came, she made the journey to see him, she called to let him know she was close; he hurried in enthusiasm and waited for her at the suggested bus stop jack told her to stop. After a short while, the graceful Rose arrived, was hugged, cuddled, and jack kissed her forehead to express his admiration for what he had seen because, typically, people appear differently in photograph and both went home.

After she had taken a bath, jack, a good cook, brought her dinner. As they converse , laugh, relax and listen to music, there is excitement on both of their faces as they retire to bed and make passionate love, they sweat it out as he goes deep inside and pumps through her wetness. He gazed at her and gave her another forehead kiss after some passionate love-making antics. He then covered their exposed bodies with a duvet so they could both fall asleep.

The following morning, Jack made fried eggs with tossed bread early in the kitchen and served Rose in bed, she smiled said I have never been treated with so much love like this. He smiled back and said I promise to make you smile always as long as we are together. She was overjoyed and stayed with him for few days before moving to the cousin house to start her internship.

However, she later obtained employment with a clinic in addition to her internship program at a government hospital. This work-life balance proved to be extremely challenging and tiresome for her because she could only visit Jack on the weekends and, even then, she would spend all of her time sleeping because she lacked the time to do all of this for herself, Jack a compassionate person will help her with everything including making fresh food for her and washing some of her cloths.

A day came Rose and her cousin told Jack that they are looking for an apartment and he told them ok I will be coming to pick you guys to search for available vacancy. They finally found one that met their requirements after visiting many locations and gave them money to supplement their income but she declined the money. Jack said I have not forgotten how supportive you were when my mum was in the hospital. Please take this money as it will go a long way for you. She smiled at him and collected the money.

Rose birthday rolled around, her boy friend realized how much they were growing in love. He bought her a wristwatch and set up a radio station to wish her a happy birthday and she was called during this time and asked to guess who could call and wish her a happy birthday. She correctly said Jack and never knew he was listening to the program in his car, so it was a very special and emotional occasion for him.

So Jacks birthday was on February 24, which he used for his girl friend engagement. The idea was to catch her off guard so she would think it was only his birthday and not realize it was also her day. It was awesome, lovely when his coworkers arrived to celebrate the engagement with a poster that read, “Will you marry me?” Everything had been prearranged. She responded, “Yes, I will,” in awe and confusion. They all smiled and took photos together and it was beautiful.

After few months of their courtship, he found out that Rose does not wear her engagement ring, he confronted her about it, Sweetie, I noticed you don’t wear your ring. “She smiled and replied, “Well, because of work activities I can’t be wearing it at all times babes and Jack said ok babe I understood well what you are saying but please do the right thing when it is necessary ok. She said ok babe.

As time passed by, their communication dwindled. She only contact him in two days sometimes does not call. This attitude continued, made Jack sick and eventually called to find out why, she would tell that she has been too busy at work.

He became more worried as days pass by, made a visit to the cousin and discovered that his girl friend never told the cousin of their engagement. He felt very bad and, depressed. He made a decision to go see Rose so they can discuss extensively on what is wrong.

The discussion of their relationship’s status was audacious. Asked what is going on with us Rose? Once or twice in the past, you would call to see how I was doing, but these days it takes days for you to get through to me-unless I call first. Is there anything I am not doing right please tell me so I can say sorry to you because this thing is eating me up. She said my parents are not in favor of us.

But why? Rose said my parents do not like the village you came from so for that we can’t be together. Jack said but I am from Abia state while you are Anambra state. Are we not Igbos he asked? But Rose didn’t answer. Jack said so this is the reason you never worn my ring? She said Yeah. Unable to control his emotions, a grown guy broke down in tears. He begged to speak to her mum personally even in that condition, she declined.

He humbly requested to have his ring back in tears; Rose declined to give him immediately and told him I will visit your house to do that. Jack left. The next day she turned up in his house rushed and gave him a hug busted into tears while telling him, “You are a good guy, you don’t deserve to be treated this way” I am sorry. Jack got back his ring and she left till today.

What would jack have done differently to change this situation? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. Princess Thelz

    It’s so unfortunate 😌Rose wasn’t ready to settle down with jack 😢I believe true love overcomes all obstacles 🙏

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