He is popularly known for the generosity, kindness and love that he shows towards humanity. As such he was called a modern-day philanthropist. It took him so many years to build human capacity. He was tall and handsome with red lips even though he was dark in complexion but was lacking a missing rib that will complement his kindness.
My people say a man doing so well would have had a woman behind him but he was not so because no one has ever seen him with a lass. The issue of having a girl because the next year he was turning 40 years and that got to his neck like a rope used in strangling an animal. One day he said to use the internet to search for a girl and stumbled upon one and gave her a try and fixed a day to meet with her which happened but behold the young man met her in a terrible state of death. She was pooing blood because she had just done an abortion. The humble him never took anything to the heart but accepted and told himself I have started a journey of no return. I will love her no matter what has happened. They both began a love journey, he cooks for her as much as he is also a chef. One of the days she moved into his house and was going from his house to school. He was responsible for his feeding and transportation to school. They shared everything in common and were very happy. She finally graduated and went to the national youth service corps. During the era the young man lost his job, she also needed an apartment for herself and the guy went to a friend and borrowed money to fill that gap.
A man can do anything for the one he is in love with even if it warrants him to stay hungry. This is the power of love and what we can do for love.


Eventually, she was done with the national youth service assignment stipulated for one year and he got another job, paid all his debt along the line, and congratulated her for a job well done during her service year.
It was time to say bye-bye to singlehood, informed her he will be coming to see her parent informing them of his intention toward their daughter. what a response to the conversation. She categorically told him I think you are not fit nor stable financially to marry me and that she isn鈥檛 ready for that now and if a man must marry her, the man must be ready to build a shopping mall for her because it is what I want for myself. The young man didn鈥檛 have such capacity then being that he was still building a new structure of his life. Babe I am not coming to pay your bride price immediately but to identify with your people, let them know me and my intentions towards you in the future. Have you forgotten so soon the beauty of life we once shared in the past, please don鈥檛 do this to me? I promise to do anything you want in future for you. I want us to build together, have you forgotten so soon how you used to tell me I can鈥檛 do without you baby. Baby where is the love you promised to keep, his eyes were rolling with tears. He dropped the call and was left with no choice but to be dumbfounded and depressed 馃槶.

Many times this life isn鈥檛 fair to us when in search of true love.
Written by me and inspired by a true-life story and all pictures gotten from:
If you love my story please kindly encourage me positively to do more because I am still learning in the job of writing. Thank you.

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  1. Obong Michael

    Men have learned their lessons now especially Nigerian men. If you must sponsor a girl, sponsor who you are married to already and have kids,very important.

  2. Patience Icha

    Na so the world dey… But that doesn’t stop us from loving again or continue to be the good people we are… Nothing should rob us of our virtues, not even the cruelty of the people who are our direct beneficiaries.

  3. Although life might seem unfair, that doesn’t stop us from loving one another. Love heals

  4. Irony of life
    It’s safe not to train any lady to school for the purpose of marriage ,one can do it for free though but if hoping for marriage women always disappoints.

  5. This is such a touching story….what a heartbreaking incident..
    But true love still exists for those who don’t give up on love

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