Things You Should Know Before Dating an Indian Girl

There are so many rumors and myths floating around about Indian culture, one of them is that Indian girls are very conservative and do not like being with foreigners. But is that true? Are Indian girls really that conservative and what are the misconceptions that are being passed around about them?

So, if you plan to date an Indian girl, here is some information about them that you should know before doing so.

Things You Should Know Before Dating an Indian Girl

Things You Should Know Before Dating an Indian Girl

To her, her family is everything.

For Indians, family is extremely important. Therefore, if you respect them and treat them with a lot of attention, you’ll win the approval of both her and her parents.

Because of their extreme conservatism, she may call you “Anjali” on the phone a few times to let people know you are speaking to a girlfriend. Or if you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day before or after the actual day in order to convince her parents that she didn’t really have any arrangements for the 14th.

She’ll truly help you save a ton of cash.

Her excellent haggling abilities ensure you never spend more than necessary for anything. Instead, she will support your Gucci fetish by finding you great knockoffs.

She’ll introduce you to incredible festivals.

Why do we need to mention anything more about Holi and Diwali in India? throwing color in other people’s faces and staying up all night watching fireworks? YES, PLEASE!

Do not forget that you are dating a Bollywood Queen!

Basically, Bollywood is Hollywood on drugs. So be ready if your girlfriend responds to your “I’m sorry I didn’t call you back” explanations with an impromptu song or extremely theatrical conversation. Let’s just say that your relationship will never be boring.

She will introduce you to SO much delicious food.

She may not be able to prepare them, but she knows some of the best food carts and the most exclusive restaurants, and she will open your eyes to some of the most spectacular types of food. And you won’t often see her on a “salad diet”

She will also have champion-caliber taste senses and a pang of insatiable hunger, making it difficult for you to keep up with the spice levels. However, the pain will be well worth it.

There will undoubtedly be hair everywhere!

She has gorgeous long hair, but you won’t be able to admire it for long when you have to wake up every morning to hair clumps on the bed, in the dishes, in your cereal, and pretty much everywhere else.

Keep your calendar clear because you’ll be going to multiple waxing appointments with her.

With those large puppy eyes, you won’t be able to refuse her.

It will be quite difficult for you to reject Indian girls because of their large, attractive eyes. “Baby, can you take me shopping?” – “YES! You can even use my credit card!” – “Shows big puppy eyes”

Kamasutra originates in India.

We are merely stating…

If you treat her well, you might be fortunate enough to pick up some incredible moves.

Names could be difficult to pronounce.

Her extended family’s names are so close to one another that you will find adjusting extremely difficult. Just be sure to distinguish between her aunt “Harpreet” and uncle “Harjeet.”

Get ready for a massive wedding

Be ready for the most incredible wedding ceremonies if you’re fortunate enough to wed an Indian. The wedding will consist of five traditional English nuptials, followed by various sex rituals. Does the groom arrive at your wedding on a horse? We think not!

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