Cute At Home Date Ideas

You may have heard about the term “cute at home date” or you may have even tried it before. Either way, you might be curious about what it’s like to have a date at your home. This article will give you some tips to make the most out of your at-home dates.

12 Cute At Home Date Ideas

View a Film Outside

Rather than sitting on the couch in front of the TV like you usually do, take your movie-watching outside. Enjoy a movie outdoors by setting up a sheet, projector, and a few chairs, as well as some food and beverages.

Organize a game night

Although board games, card games, and other analog games are fun, you can also connect with people in a genuinely beneficial way. So, break out the Jenga or the Boggle. A little healthy rivalry can reignite the fire in your relationship. Of course, you’d definitely be better off trying something else if your girl is really competitive and those sparks could turn into raging wrath.

Eat Delivery Food at Night

It’s surprising how a small shift in the environment can elevate a routine activity into a memorable one. Even if you usually eat takeout in front of the TV, setting a tablecloth, lighting lights, playing jazz music, and taking the time to truly converse will make the meal feel refreshing and like a date night. This is true whether you order fondue or ice cream dessert.

Prepare a meal or dessert together.

On a weeknight, preparing dinner may be a hurried and stressful process. Cooking together, though, can be a lot of fun and a great way to reconnect when you’ve set aside time for the activity and the kids are in bed. Create something you’ve never tried before that requires hands-on preparation, such as homemade pasta or sushi, or if you’re looking for something straightforward, just make your own pizza with a store-bought crust.

Make a dessert together if preparing dinner is too time-consuming or your children go to bed so late that you would have problems waiting.

Watercolor Painting Night

When was the last time you broke out the paints and other equipment and gave the painting a shot? It’s just as enjoyable as you recall. In order to create your best works of art, gather your friends, some inexpensive watercolor kits, and large sheets of paper. Don’t forget to add a few cheery trees.

Make Your Own “Bookstore”

One of our favorite date ideas is to visit a bookstore where we can browse the selection of books as well as pick up a few magazines to read while relaxing in the café. Making your own lattes or hot chocolate after purchasing a few magazines ahead can allow you to recreate this bookstore experience at home. Sit in several plush chairs around the house, drink your beverages, read your magazines, and talk to your significant other about the fascinating information you discover.

Pose Questions to One Another

Many “questions for couples” books and card decks are available. There are also some that don’t focus on relationships in particular but rather just provide entertaining conversation starters for everyone. Having a list of stimulating conversation starters can help you and your wife reconnect if you feel like you two haven’t actually spoken in a while and find it difficult to chat about anything but work or the kids. Play an exhilarating round of “Would You Rather?” to help break the ice.

Play indoor croquet or mini golf

Many people often play mini golf on dates, but you don’t need to leave the house to play a game with your lady. When I was a kid, we had a Nerf Indoor Golf system that let you build up small “holes” all over the house. You can purchase a secondhand set online for around $20. There are also indoor croquet sets available.

Put a puzzle together.

Similar to playing a board game, putting together a puzzle is a pleasant pastime that promotes relaxation and good discussion. Pick a 200–300 piece puzzle that you can complete that evening.

Play in the Backyard

Spread a blanket out in your backyard, place a lantern there, and enjoy supper or dessert while stargazing. These days, baby monitors have a good long range, so you can bring one with you and make sure your child isn’t freaking out inside while you’re munching on brownies.

Organize a tasting party.

Wine tastings are only the beginning. You can do a tasting of different wines, whiskies, or even root beers in addition to purchasing a couple of different bottles of each. Drink them, enjoy the flavors, and talk about your favorites. You can also conduct a food tasting by gathering a variety of cheeses, or even better, sausages and cured meats, and trying the fare.

Bathe in bubbles

Many people have large bathtubs or even Jacuzzis in their bathrooms that they seldom use because they only rely on their shower’s effectiveness in their crazy lives. So calm down, take a break from the usual, and treat yourself to a spa night. Get in the mood for romance by lighting some candles and taking a romantic bubble bath together.

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