Happy couples:

Writing this work about happy couples gives me so much joy and excitement because I know most people have this assertion that happy couples are perfect beings that fortunately decided to come together to share a common thing. But this assertion is not totally true. They are a set of imperfect individuals who decided to work out things for themselves for a common goal. When you look at them from a different perspective, you will understand that they came from different backgrounds with different belief systems and values, which tend to affect their relationship as they try to build it. It is usually not rosy many times but the ability to figure out their differences and then balance the equation for progress to thrive. At this point I will be emphasizing more the things that make them happy couples:

Habits happy couples exhibits:

  1. smooth sailing communication: this is one aspect of a relationship most people neglect so much and they tend to take it for granted. When you see happy couples, it is very common they have worked on their communication line so well that they do not have to pass judgment on any arising issue without hearing from each other. Listening to one another is one of their focal points.
  2. Always honest to each other: This part makes their relationship works so smoothly because they tend to exhibit honesty among themselves. No matter the circumstance they find themselves in, they will prefer that honesty prevail than to lie. Try to lie and see if you can fix such an issue with ease. This is why some people will say may they not find themselves in a situation where the only way they get out is to lie because the one time you lie, you must continue to lie further to cover up all other lies.
  3. Romantic date night: I love them so much that they prioritize this moment by being creative. They tend to have a fixed period for their dates and sometimes spend it at the beach. This habit keeps them glowing and also serves as an avenue for renewing their relationship or making it look brand new always.
  4. They stand together always and never allow an outsider to interfere: The relationship starts failing the moment an issue pops up between both of you and one person decides to bring in a third party to settle the issue. This habit is very dangerous and will hamper growth in your affairs. Happy couples tend to solve their problems by themselves whenever issues arise. They own up by fixing problems by themselves. If they agree to do something together, no third party is allowed to come in. This is what brings about oneness.
  5. They see themselves as unique and dislike comparison with other relationships: one of the habits happy couples exhibit so much that is outstanding is having the understanding that their relationship is unique and incomparable to any other. They know that every relationship comes with ups and downs and what makes it sail perfectly is your understanding of a certain aspect of things that could damage it which one of them is by avoiding comparison with other couples. Couples in different homes sets rules, agreement, and a way of loving each other which tends to differ respectively.
  6. happy couples They always support each other: Being supportive of each other remains a culture they have. They have seen it yields positive results especially when one seems to be down or exhausted due to work pressure or other cause. This is what some people tend to say you are my backbone. It simply implies you are my support. When this occurs in a situation, it brings forth life into an individual instantly.
  7. They make fun of each other: they married their best friend or with their best friend. They create jokes and do things that always make them laugh. We all know that laughter can take away stress and pain and brings about good health. These couples are usually fun creators.
  8. They accept each other the way they are: The beautiful thing about this couple is that no one sees him or herself as the best. Each of them knows they aren’t perfect beings and as such avoid compelling or molding each other to be what they want or like rather encourage and support them so that growth will be imminent. There is nothing as stressful as when you are forcing someone to become who he is not because such habits aren’t real and it will end up in disappointment at the end of the day. This is why a lot fall in love with their own fantasies and finally miss out on true beauty.
  9. They always appreciate each other: One very common thing about these happy couples is appreciation. This attitude has helped them surmount difficult times. sometimes partners might be blessed with multifaceted gifts that you as a partner do not have. They cheer each other with appreciation. They continually show how important their partner is. As an individual, it improves your mental health after work and sees that you are being appreciated for your work.
  10. They do not shy away from kissing each other: Happy couples know the importance of kissing and not just by kissing but doing it passionately. Some kiss their forehead first before kissing your lips and it shows how deep and valuable their relationship has grown. Kissing creates more bonding and lowers cortisol levels so you feel more relaxed, making out for a beautiful time.
  11. They practice healthy relationships: They do not allow self-centeredness to hover around them. They love genuinely and trust each other. Life is simple, what you make out of it is what it will be for you. If you love genuinely in your relationship, it is what you will get back.
  12. They discuss and review their goal regularly: It is not far-fetched when you see these beautiful couples excelling and doing so well in their endeavors and as one that attracts growth. This is because from time to time they sit down and talk about how their various endeavors have been fairing then allow room for review and improvement.
  13. They avoid making a hole out of a molehill: They are so careful that even when issues arise in their relationship that may affect their trust, a better way is always applied than making a hole out of a molehill. This habit helps couples to grow in love and bring about a good behavioral attitude worth emulating which also attracts questions like does this couple ever quarrel?
  14. They make sacrifices for each other: If you will agree with me on this, you will know that relationships survive on the ground of sacrifices that have been made so far. You must go out of your way as a partner to ensure that your relationship is kept afloat. This is the only way a relationship can work and last through the test of time. For example, a partner might wake up in the morning, and decide to serve breakfast in bed, some help their partners to do dishwashing, and some will help you carry out some of your personal tasks. These happy couples do all of these for their relationship to glow.
  15. They hug each other: They practice this always to improve their wellbeing and growth in their relationship.


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